Friday, 31 December 2010


I have recently been shown the productions of an austrailian producer known as Cairo. This self-proclaimed lover of bass music indulges himself in garage, funky, dubstep and from the sound of this booming track a lil bit of juke as well.....


We have also been lucky enough to be given a future garage track called "Its Not Working". The rolling bass and uplifting synths are enough to make this a definate for the ipod.

Keep an eye out for this guy as he is putting out some brilliant tracks.
Check the soundcloud here:
There is a remix of Jack Dixon up that is not to be missed!!

Peace :)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Flaming Idiot

Flaming Idiot is a new fledgling record label which is really producing the goods. Based in Manchester, it is a collection of artists in and around the south of England and is headed by label curator  Modepth. I have been told that they are always looking for new and exciting things, so don't hesitate to send  anything over. 

The collection of tracks begins below with What Happened on Sycamore Lane from Gnome Gnome, a tantalizing mix between dark rolling drums and ambient plucking strings. The minimal vibes of this track are a recurring theme throughout Flaming Idiot's forthcoming releases, the essence of the label.

Second up below is a firm favourite of ours here at Boots n' Cats. It is of course Bright Eyes by fellow blogger Admin and Neighbourhood Watch cherished producer and DJ Tanka.   This is a debut collaboration from the Winchester based producers and is due for release early 2011!

Last but by no means least is In My Life from Stikk Man. The captivating vocal and alluring beat really drew me in, so no wonder Admin decided to do a remix!

Latest tracks by Flaming Idiot

Stikkman - In my life (Admin Remix) by ∆dmin

 Extra - As it was Christmas i think Admin had a warm funny feeling inside and chose to give away this gully track. Download is in the soundcloud link!

Impressions { Free Download } by ∆dmin

NeighbourHood Watch - SEK

This guy is doing Winchester proud, releasing tune after tune... This minimalistic DnB testifies Tanka's vast capabilities at producing music of multiple genres. This track is especially interesting as its percussions, sounds, vocals and beats are all self made... with a little bit of help from a condenser microphone. Nice stuff...

Sek. by Tanka

This post also includes an Exclusive download. Get it here:
Sek - Tanka

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

ADAMS FIRST POST: I Bring You Something Super........

well hello there.......

This is my first post and i feel the need to give a heads up (to anyone that doesnt know) about Rafferties fairly new record label SUPER.

First release is label boss himself: Raffertie. This release is magnificent and offers a new and exciting direction for electronic music and also a fat remix from Ital Tek. Avoiding cliched techniques, the Rank Functions EP provides like no other, all you can do is listen.....

......SPR002 offers the listener something else. The production of Taylor in his track CMB is second to none. Pure and Mesmerising, every second takes you somewhere new and exciting. Remixing duties taken on by Raffertie himself and the larger than life Girl Unit make this EP a must buy. Be sure not to avoid the futuristic glitchyness within Rekordahs remix too.....

......Next up is a badboy of an EP with really big and bouncy tracks from Randomer, Fife and Adverse. The Title track 'Alize' is big, with piano stabs and vocal chops building up to a massive bass and hard beat. HomePark provides an uplifting Housey remix whilst Greymatter leans towards minimal but massive with his. My favourite track however is "Five" which is a tribal banger.......

I leave with a preiview of what is too come on Super Recordings. A highly anticipated compilation album with tracks from Raffertie, Subeena, Throwing Snow and Lo:tek to say the least. Dont miss this.....

and thats my first post! peace :)

Friday, 24 December 2010

Snow Roses

WOW! This tune just made my Christmas Eve! Amazing vocals and beautiful sounds. So refreshing and uplifting! It's called 'Snow Roses' and it's by Bruises Ft. Laura Groves... hope you like..

SNOW ROSES Ft. Laura Groves (too slow for the download) by BRUISES

Also.. while I'm here we'd like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS for tomorrow! xx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

NeighbourHood Watch - TANKA - Exclusive mix

Here is our exclusive mix from Tanka! It's awesome! Waited a while for this, but worth it in the end! Got some wicked tracks!

Synkro - Wonder Why
RSD - Pretty Bright Lights
Guido - Mad Sax
Phaeleh - Lounge (Geiom Remix)
Tru:Tek - Mystery Machine
Scuba - Speak
DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage Unspecified Remix)
Pinch Ft. Yolanda - Get Up (Jack Sparrow Remix)
Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees
Zero G - Bass Culture
SPL - Union Jack ft.Geno Cochino
Synkro - Fire
Breakage - Justified
DJ Madd - In the Lounge
Tanka & Admin - Bright Eyes
Tru:Tek - Crossrhodes
Tanka - Polymer

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I couldn't resist posting another couple of tunes tonight! First up is fantastic brand new track called 'Waves' from the producer Gantz....all the way from Turkey..

Waves by Gantz

The other one is a remix of the newly released cover of Elton John's 'Your Song' by Ellie Goulding. This song could potentially make an awesome remix! Anyway..... this is the best one I've found so far... remixed by Blackmill.

Your Song (Blackmill Dubstep Remix) - Ellie Goulding by cliquetrack1

Monday, 20 December 2010


Right.. two tunes tonight, one fairly old and one fairly new. Reason for posting is that I'm just loving them so much right now!!

First one is a track released back in March, it's called 'Kiara' from the brilliant Bonobo! This track planted a smile on my face the first time I heard it, when the prelude drops perfectly into the second track on the album 'Kiara'. A truly blissful, elegant and beautiful album! Definitely recommend this purchase, or something to drop on the christmas list! Not one of the tracks disappoints!

Bonobo_Kiara by ;¸•*`': LEY :'`*•¸;
DOWNLOAD : Bonobo - Kiara

This next one is an old favourite, released back in september of 08. It's called 'Crockett' from the album 'Run to Forever' by Seba. Slightly different to your everyday DnB. His chilled take on DnB is definitely a nice to chill to after a long day! Hope you enjoy!

Neighbourhood Watch - Parralax

Noticed this had been uploaded a few days ago by the unknown entity that is Parralax. He told me he is really into his old school hip hop, which you can probably tell from 'Watching', a track which really stands out to me. I don't want to babble on today. Just listen!

Watching promo snippet by Parralax

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Local Action Records presents Skydiver, a collection of remixes, tributes and marriage proposals to Cassie, from Local Action artists and friends including Brackles, Lunice, Jacques Greene and Shortstuff under his Mickey Pearce alias. Not one to be missed!

01. Addiction (Lunice remix)
02. Me & U (Mickey Pearce’s Mickey Luvs Cassie mix)
03. Official Girl (The Blessings remix)
04. Is It You? (Svpreme Fiend remix)
05. Me & U (Brackles remix)
06. Addiction (Altered Natives' Cassie4dannyNATIVE TLA dub)
07. Thirsty (Slackk remix)
08. Must Be Love (Jacques Greene’s Marriage Proposal mix)
09. Me & U (8Bitch cover)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Chaos In The CBD

 Chaos In The CBD  are two brothers from New Zealand. In the last 6 months or so I have really been enjoying the lads combination of funky bongo patterns and bouncy synth lines. I think the pair really know how to handle a sample too.  I can really see their inspiration from old jackin' house, mixing it with the new tropical sound and a little dutch house. Their new track 'Pink A Pads' featured below is really chilled and epitomises everything their about. Personally my favourite is the 'French Fries' 'With You' remix because of the sweet bass line, also featured below. The track we have available to download for you is fairly old so people aware of these guys will probably have it, however that doesn't mean to say you shouldn't get it if you haven't heard it! It's a crystal fighters remix and is also featured below. DOWNLOAD!

Pink A Pad's - Sunseth (Chaos In The CBD Remix) by Chaos In The CBD

French Fries & Chaos In The CBD - With You (Original Mix) by Chaos In The CBD

Crystal Fighters - In The Summer (Chaos In The CBD Remix) by Chaos In The CBD

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Kovu Interview!

Here we have an interview for you from Kovu! Kovu is an up and coming Producer and Dj. He is becoming ever popular on the likes of Soundcloud, as he begins to find his feet in the underground music crowd!


Hello Kovu! For those who may not have come across you.. introduce yourself..?
I'm Kovu, i'm 19 and currently living in Manchester for university. I'm studying Economics, and making tunes when i'm not studying economics. Its (kind of) working.

How did the name Kovu come about? 
It just had a catch to it, I started labelling my first remixes as 'Kovu' and it just stuck.

Describe to us how you got too where you are today.... how long have you been making and producing music? 
I started recording stuff when I was 14 but I didn't start getting a feel for what I was making until about last year, I got lots of positive feedback from various people, including the legend Todd Edwards who is supporting some of my tracks I collaborated on with Artek. This spurred me on to make more stuff. I think its important to be respectful to everybody also in the scene, whether they are a bigger or smaller name than you. Its easy for people to get a bit cocky and arrogant once they've received lots of good reviews and climbed a few rungs on the ladder, its never cool when that happens.

Who and what have been key influences for you in that time (your musical life)? 
I first took a serious interest in underground music when I discovered liquid D&B when I was 14 Hospital records was a big influence and big D&B fans may notice certain elements of liquid d&b in some of the Garage tracks I make. I also took a liking for Dubstep in 06 after hearing Skream's self titled album and Burial's debut and i would say 2006 was the most influential year for me in terms of music, I really opened up and started discovering loads of different types of music.

How would you describe your music to people? 
Good question! At the minute I'd definitely say the word Garage is most applicable for whats on my Soundcloud. A lot of my drum patterns tend to have funky elements and I like claps and snare drums a bit too much sometimes. I also often like to include organ style sounds in what I do. I'd say I generally aim for club focused tracks, however I do sometimes like to make more mellow and relaxed tracks such as the remix I did for Bruises.

What can you tell us about your setup and how you go about making music? What equipment do you use etc? 
Im using my PC with Ableton 8, a 49 key midi keyboard and my trusty monitors. I'd say my collection of sample packs is my prized possession however.

It says on your myspace that you have supported the likes of Nero, Boy Better Know, Coki, Cotti, Flux Pavillion, FuntCase and Cookie Monsta. Would you class any one these shows as one of the highlights of your career? If so which one(s)? 
The show that i would say was a highlight so far was when I supported the Circus record take over in Manchester last year hosted by Just Skank. 500+ crowd stayed strong til 4-5am!

Which cities in the country have you played and what venue(s) have been your favorite!? 
Birmingham, Manchester, Coventry, Newquay. DJing the day time parties for UTRs summer break in Newquay this summer was one of my favourites, DJing to a small beach in the sun while getting the drinks in.

Are you signed to a label? If so who? 
I'm currently unsigned.

Whats your opinion on the music industry in general? 
I like where things are headed at the minute, some genres have turned a little towards the pop culture and as always some new exciting genres have sprouted.

Whats your favorite track that you have produced/remixed, and why? 
This is a hard one, I really dig the first track I made with Artek 'And Then', but I was also real happy with the Seven Times remix that we did for Submerse & Resketch as well.

What are you currently listening to, and why? 
Currently im really feeling my Garage and darker House genres such as the stuff coming out of Night Slugs right now. I'm still a big fan of Hudson Mohawke and the whole glitch hop thing too.

What can we expect from you in 2011? 
I've got good feelings for 2011, as I've pretty much settled in Manchester now and have some good ideas for tracks to make. The release for 'And Then' should be released on vinyl by Fortified at the start of 2011, and I think Artek has other big ideas in mind for us. I'm also working on 2 EPs that will hopefully drop on two separate labels. And you'll probably hear a couple more remixes as well.

Anything you would like to add?? 
Thanks for you're time!

Just also like to say a big thanks to Kovu for putting aside the time and effort to do this for us! And keep up the good work! Here is a track by him for you all to enjoy. If you want to hear more and follow what Kovu is up to don't forget to look at his Soundcloud page, by clicking HERE!

James Wheeler - Dim Lights (Kovu Remix) by Kovu


Monday, 13 December 2010

NeighbourHood Watch- Lick Chops

Yo.. It's been 5 days since I've posted anything... feels like I'm slowing down.. but really I've just been waiting for something good! And something good is what I have! Straight from the neighbourhood!

The first track I have got for you is by Fredo. Fredo produced the tune and then got in contact with Inspecta Morze...a rapper from London, who threw on top some really good Hip Hop vocals.. Fantastic stuff!

Diabolical Country (Produced By Fredo) by Inspecta Morze

Next up is another brand new tune! This time from Admin. He is churning out some great stuff at an incredible rate at the moment! This track is a nice chilled garage tune! I'm liking it alot!

Lick Chops by AdminUK

ALSO if you haven't heard already.. Admin & Tanka had their track Bright Eyes track signed by  the Record Label Flaming Idiot. Who have also signed wicked tracks from other up and coming producers Stikkman and Modepth. Have a look!

And too finish I have another tune for you.. its called 'Judgement Day' from another Winchester Producer. He goes by the name of Deaf Warrior, but he is also know as K:Ole....for his other producing work! This track is a fairly minimal track with glitchy sounds, definitely worth a listen with its nice vibes and interesting beats!

Judgement Day by Deaf Warrior

K:Ole is also part of the up and coming Winchester CRANK night!

Thursday, 9 December 2010


Living in London i recently went to Fabric (i know i know). On the plus side i was able to see this guy, who has produced my favourite 'future garage' (i know i know) track of the moment, which says a lot. With a small appearance from RIKO, forthcoming on FAT CITY, i can safely say this is my favourite of the year. And yes the pictures in the video are real images, kind of look like toy models don't they.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul.

Here is a wicked mix for you all to enjoy! Its the Forward Slash Mixtape by R/D .. Enjoy!....


R/D-Forward Slash Mixtape 2010 by R/D
Dont forget your free download on Soundcloud!

A new mix of original songs by R/D - includes the official Glitch Mob 'Starve The Ego' remix, 'Popping Stars Redux' and 2 unreleased songs from his forthcoming album.

Track Listing 
1. Face Of God (Feat. Nadine Risha) 
2. Unreleased One (From upcoming Album) 
3. Epochs & Aeons (Face Of God EP) 
4. Multiple Lives (Face Of God EP) 
5. Popping Stars Redux (From Live Set) 
6. Glitch Mob - Starve The Ego (R/D's Soul Full Remix) 
7. Eastern Sun & Oscure - Third Eye High (R/D Remix) 
8. Unreleased Two (From Upcoming Album) 
9. Fever Ray - I'm Not Done (R/D's Just Beginning Remix)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

NeighbourHood Watch - Polymer

First up in NeighbourHood Watch is a track from Tanka. Its called Polymer..  This track makes me think of some kind of space forest at night... as its so ambient, calm and dreamy with 2step/garagey vibes. Which makes a change to Tanka's usual heavy basslines. What a lush tune!!

Polymer by Tanka

As well as that, we also have to track for you from General Practitioner called 'Points of View'. This young producer from Winchester, usually produces Drum and Bass, but has now done an ambient/atmospheric tune. Keep your eyes and ears on this guy!

Points of view by General Practitioner

Free the Robots!

You know those tunes you absolutely rinse, then after a while you almost forget about them because something newer comes along. Then one day you stumble across it again..and you think... why, how did I stop listening to this! Well thats exactly what happen to me with this one! Called 'Orion's Belt Buckle' by Free the Robots

Free The Robots: Orion's Belt Buckle by ALPHA PUP
Its also a Download!!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

Neighbourhood Watch introduces to you Fredo featuring Small Talk. Currently in Bournemouth the producer and lyricist have given us a hip hop track which really sets the bar for things to come. Considering it's their first fully finished project since i first heard the beginnings of Fredo's venture into producing, the progress these lads are making is phenomenal! 'Le Viuex' is short and most certainly sweet, embodied throughout by subtle vocals and Small Talk's lines. I'm sure they have plenty of other treats in the pipeline. So grab your Download here
Le vieux ft. Small Talk by Fredo.
ExtraDark Sky's new remix of Kelis is sublime. Once i had heard the intro (which is so smooth!) i knew we had struck gold. It seems that everytime i hear something new, my expectations rise for what i will hear next time, so no pressure!

Kelis - Brave (Dark Sky Remix) 96kbs by Dark Sky
Extra Extra - I seriously suggest you listen to a lot of stuff by C.R.S.T, but this one im deadly serious about! After i listened to this i went over to Juno to buy it. The buildup on 'What You Do To Me' up until the end, made my jaw drop. THIS IS ONE FOR THE SUBS.

What You Do To Me - Mista Men (C.R.S.T Remix) by C.R.S.T


Sunday, 5 December 2010

We Talked

...Here is the second post of the evening! .. So that Gold Panda bloke I posted about the other day.. pretty good isn't he! ..So I got a couple more of his tracks for you! They are called 'Before We Talked' and 'After We Talked' , they are off his fantastic album 'Lucky Shiner' released in Oct 2010...I'd quite happily post all of it!

And Secondly.. a shout out to Admin for going on at me to get the Mount Kimbie 'Crooks and Lovers' album! I finally did... what a masterpiece... again like the Gold Panda album.. I would be happy putting the whole album up! So much so it actually took me the best part of 45 mins to decide which 2 songs from the album I was going to chose to post! But anyway, after much self debate I decided to go with 'Field' and 'Before I move Off'. But if you havent already.. make sure you listen to the whole album!
...can be found on iTunes, Beatport or to listen free on SoundCloud.

Mount Kimbie - Field (from Crooks & Lovers) by Hotflush
Download: Mount Kimbie - Field 

Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off by subraw
Download: Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off

Shark Baby

This is a really nice tune I found today! Its called 'Haifischbaby' which is German for Sharkbaby. Its sung by the French singer Isabelle Geneviève Marie Anne Gall aka France Gall... even though the song is in German.... This version is a Hickup Bootleg. Its a really nice chillout tune, hope u like.. 


Next up is something of a contrast to France Gall, its a track by Skrillex. He is know for doing anything from Dubstep, Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Electronica, Alternative Dance, Electro to House music.. so pretty board. Reason I posted this is because I like the way it glides from smooth vibes to thumping dubstep...

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Danny Don

There is another post to come tonight.. so watch out !

Friday, 3 December 2010


This is a tribute to the man that goes by the name John Frusciante. Such a versatile musician and a wonderful human being! From his days with the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the large amount of solo albums he has released. I have loved almost every drop of his huge music discography... I  definately thought he was worth a mention... and to be honest it was only a matter of when.. not why not now! 

First song that I am going to play by him is one called 'Murderers' from the album 'To Record Only Water for Ten Days'. It is an 'Electronic' instrumental song, yet has a guitar featuring in it...that sounds just at home! Its a well made song, thats not like something you come across everyday....

10 - John Frusciante - Murderers by Nawer

This next song I'm going to be playing from John is the reverse, its a rocky sounding tune.. but features electronic sounds.. again an interesting one.. It's called 'Song To Sing When Your Lonely' from the album 'Shadows Collide with People'. Brilliant album.. for the record. Check it!!

Last song I'm playing of his is a happy one. It holds a special place in my heart as it was the soundtrack to my first Longboarding video.. this tune always reminds me of good times! It's called 'Second Walk', also from the album 'Shadows Collide with People'. Hope you like...

So that was a very brief insight to the wonders of Mr. Frusciante. Something a tad different from the usual.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

You. Me.

Well...tonight I have got four tunes for you to enjoy!..

First up... I would like to play Fractal Son's Dubstep Remix of Ace of Base's 'All That She Wants'. I really like the slow grooving beat and then the drop into the choppy wub wub bassline.

DownloadAll That She Wants (Fractal Son Dubstep Remix) - Ace of Base

Next one I have instore for you is an absolute beaut called 'Rag Doll' from Shorterz & Enigma feat. Little Palm! Its nice and mellow and nice to watch the snow fall too, which is what I was doing last night! :)  Hope you like..

Shorterz & Enigma ft. Little Palm - Rag Doll (FREE DOWNLOAD + FULL EP.) by Tom Shorterz
DONT miss out on the free download for that one!!

Third up is a brand spanking new tune. A remix of Submerse & Resketch's 'Seven Times' by Kovu & Artek! Absolutely love it! enough said..

Submerse & Resketch - Seven Times (Kovu & Artek Remix) by Kovu

And... Saving the best until last! This Tune is called 'You' by Gold Panda.. and its a blinder! .. You know when you hear a track that just make you feel so happy! well this is one of them!..  love the beats and lyric samples....i cant stop listening, truly bliss!! :)

You by Gold Panda
DownloadYou - Gold Panda

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The second post of tonight (or technically morning) ... as promised!

... As always im into multiple genres at any one moment in time... but at the moment I am really liking ambient stuff! So therefore this post is dedicated to a couple of Ambient tunes I liking right now!

First up is a song by Flying Lotus and the song is a Nosaj Thing Remix... it is called Camel. Enjoy!

Flying Lotus - Camel (Nosaj Thing remix) by truant

Second up is a tune released around march this year, but came across it again today and thought it was worth a post! Its called The Gift (Tek-One Remix) by Way Out West.. whos version was originally released in 1996.. Tek-One has done a nice job here..


Hello, this is the first of two fairly quick posts Im giving you tonight! This one being a bit of a blast into the past!!! .... The next one being something a bit more recent!

This one came too me when I was thinking too myself today... what a shame it was that Mary Anne Hobbs, left her post at the BBC after 14 years.. back in July this year! She was a true Radio 1 hero! Bringing us the best in Dubstep, Grime, Drum n' Bass, Techno and Experimental musics!

Anyway first tune is called Mud V.I.P (feat Sgt. Pokes) - Loefah. It featured on her Warrior Dubz Album! Love it!

And.. Secondly is song Remix by Loefah, by The Bug. I know she would have liked and even played it.... with its dubby darks vibes and ragga grime vocals!

BTW.. Hello December!