Monday, 20 December 2010


Right.. two tunes tonight, one fairly old and one fairly new. Reason for posting is that I'm just loving them so much right now!!

First one is a track released back in March, it's called 'Kiara' from the brilliant Bonobo! This track planted a smile on my face the first time I heard it, when the prelude drops perfectly into the second track on the album 'Kiara'. A truly blissful, elegant and beautiful album! Definitely recommend this purchase, or something to drop on the christmas list! Not one of the tracks disappoints!

Bonobo_Kiara by ;¸•*`': LEY :'`*•¸;
DOWNLOAD : Bonobo - Kiara

This next one is an old favourite, released back in september of 08. It's called 'Crockett' from the album 'Run to Forever' by Seba. Slightly different to your everyday DnB. His chilled take on DnB is definitely a nice to chill to after a long day! Hope you enjoy!

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