Saturday, 22 January 2011


Got some tracks from the future punch drunk artist Kahn. This guy is taking names. His forthcoming release "Helter Skelter" with the b-side of "Like We Used To" is nothing short of amazing, the drum work is spot on and the bassline is pure sub (the least we expect from any release on punch drunk). Have a taster of these two tracks...

On the more delicate side of things, Kahn has also done a remix of an artist I have previously posted about, Asa. Vocals chopped from vocalist Cassie and smooth rolling synths make this a lovely tune. Unmissable. The original is brilliant too, so if you like this then dont miss that!

And as if Kahn was trying to prove a point, next up we have two tracks of completey different style but equal brilliance, taking on the harder side of the dancefloor. Untitled (Kahn Remix) is pretty much the hardest grime instrumental that ive heard so far, so bruk wild to this one! And the other track,
"اغان الحب" is a bassline heavy beauty with epic far eastern vocals....Make sure you keep one eye open on this guy as Im sure big things await....

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