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Interview with: BEROU

We got an awesome interview with bass music producer Berou! Bosting collaborations with the likes of Canblaster this guy is definatly one to watch.

Why not listen to his latest vibes while you read about him...

Dabo-Huetos (Berou Remix) by Berou


Would you kindly introduce yourself for all those bootsncats readers out there!

Im Berou, I come from the north of France. From a mysterious city which looks a lot like Manchester. I currently live in Brussels, Belgium. And make music alone or with my homies from Club Cheval or from Pelican Fly (the new Brussels based label)

Can you tell us who are you main influences how music has affected your past?

My biggest influence is definitely hip hop. This music is my first love. When I was 13 I discovered New York hip hop. And all the east coast rap. I was a big fan of Dj Premier, Ghetto Boys, Fat Joe. I was also totally in love with Aaliyah. Her sensuality, her voice, her producers. She was so perfect. So talented (RIP). I also enjoy some West Coast Music: Eazy e, E-40 Bloods vs Crips (my favourites I think), the old Ja Rule tracks, Z-Ro, Dom Kennedy, Smoke Dza' This is not west coast club music, but just VIBES, Im sure you all know what I mean. After this step of my musical life I was more into RNB (still Aaliyah). To be honest I love R.Kelly but he has never been one of my gods. I think Ive been totally mind fucked by the first track of the first album of Lloyd: ATL Represent, you know the track featured by Ja rule (the beginning was something like: I want to introduce you my 18 years old n**** Lloyd. Damn, Im always so moved by this track).

At this point I am been more interested in the South of the USA, but I dont really have a favourite rapper in the south. Im still hooked on the West Coast weed vibes music. Freddie Gibbs is another example of an amazing guy, but there is nothing better than the next album of Smoke DZA whose title is "THC" (best sum up possible of the project).

When I was 20 I discovered electronic music. It was the French touch music trend era, there was no way not to listen this music. I think my tastes in were pretty "main stream" during 1 year. All changed however when one of my mates introduced me to Sam Tiba and Canblaster, beginning a long friendship. Sam was also a lot into hip hop and ghetto electronic music. But Canblaster was the ONE to know all the electronic music in the crew. Ive stolen his vinyls when he was sleeping before to learn about Detroit Music, Chicago house and 2 years ago he gave me the chance to listen some UK bass shit. I totally fell in love with this because of 2 reasons: the melody (I remember that B more music was the "stuff" when I discovered UK scene, and we cant say that b more is very melodic). It has been a big slap for me. The second reason is the energy in the uk bass music.

Between this, Ive play piano since I was 11 years old. So you can better understand how melodic aspect is important for me.

What kind of music is really doing it for you at the moment and what are you busy with at the present?

I dont know if I can really answer to this question. Cause I am not really a digger for the current producers. All the stuff that I receive in my mailbox come from friends. But in my friends there is: Lucid (I love his music approach), Samename (a guy from Manchester, just remember his name uk people because this guy is fucking gifted), Bosstone (also an Australian, he is my vibes brother I think), Sam Tiba, Canblaster and Mister Tweeks.

In the non-friends group, I am a big fan of Sampha, Kastle, Salva, B Bravo and Chaos In The CBD. But for the last 3 or 4 months Im really digging UK Garage/2 Step. I am also a lot into Chicago house, RNB, all this new west coast scene (Currensy) I cant give you names cause there are too many names that I like.

At the present I am very busy with remixes. I dont know if its frequent in music, but I always remix guys that I like. Ive remixed for Dabo for Bossman Records. At the moment im working on a remix of Bosstone for a release on a new amazing Australian label. Im also working with Mister Tweeks from Pelican Fly, with my men Dj Slow and Kid strike too. Gonna make a remix for Kidnap Kid on Squelch and Clap. I also have a track to finish with Canblaster. So, yes, very busy.

What can we expect from you in the future?

New remixes for friends. One of my values is to only work with friends. I need to know a bit about the label manager to work with him. Its always good to be confident.

I also maybe working on original tracks and feats for a mysterious Belgian label and also certainly an ep for a mysterious label. Cant give the name today. I need to work a lot. You know Im still a kid in the producing world. I make music alone for 6 or 7 months. Everyday I learn a new trick. Its amazing to realize your producing progression and I still have a lot of skills to improve. Happily, my mates are always ready to help me.

Any tips for budding producers out there?

Hey guys, just buy a mini Canblaster. Available in all the Chinese shops.

Favourite track right now?

Free my soul by Big Krit. And also the Lucid bootleg of James Fox.

Anything else you would like to say before you go?

We all need vibes in our lifes. Dont smoke weed kids, its bad for health but good for vibes.

Cheers Berou! :D

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  1. Baudouin :
    Ça va ? c'est pas trop dur comme boulot ? Eh, si tu veux ramasser des balles, tu peux toujours aller à Roland Garros, j'connais bien le big boss là bas !
    Stef :
    J'suis obligé de renvoyer les balles… sinon j'peux pas tondre !
    Baudouin : Ouais. Je suis en train de lire un livre sur le licenciement. Je suis au chapitre 2 et j'ai déjà tout compris ! C'est signé un certain « Jean Marie Messier ».
    Stef :
    Baudouin :
    Il est con celui-là… Tiens arrête hein… T'sais quoi ? T'es vraiment trop nul. T'es archi-nul! Tu es viré de chez viré ! Tu es né idiot et tu vas mourir idiot !
    Stef :
    Hé ça va !
    Baudouin :
    Tu me casses les couilles, tu fous rien ! Allez dégage, casse-toi ! Attends, tes merdes ici ! Oublie rien, allez dégage ! Connard ! Casse-toi ! Allez ! J'veux plus jamais te voir, dégage… Quel klet ce pey trou du cul de merde !


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