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 The boys have done us proud recently and really produced the goods. I first heard 'Wake' by Fredo featuring Small Talk a while back and to see the difference a bit of perseverance makes in getting things just right, is dazzling. Kick back, because this ones sure to relax. Reminiscent of a time when we used to chill with mates. This is up for download.

Wake ft. Small Talk by Fredo.

It's always nice to see two artists you know and love, combine to make something which truly utilizes both of their strengths. Fellow bloggers merge Admin's signature drum work with Tanka's  taste for an atmospheric groove. This one rolls deep!

Admin & Tanka - Andromeda Road by ∆dmin

Capping off with another fresh one from main man Tanka. This takes me away somewhere nice and makes we want to have a nap for a bit, in a good way. It's minimal but still manages to sound playful. Loving the direction he's taking with his sound. 

Perfect View by Tanka

NeighbourHood Watch #16
Here is a track for you from Kenneth J. Hogan aka Speed Dator Moms. It's dark and eery track called 'Raise the Dead'. This track is again testament to his broad taste in music and styles.. so much so I find it hard to categorize it into a genre.. But then again I think that may well be what he is striving for in his music making! I hope you enjoy, I personally love the climax of the song just before the interlude!

Raise The Dead by speeddatermoms

NeighbourHood Watch #15
First track for you is another kick-ass tune from Admin... You must be quite familiar with him by now! :P This chilled Garage track just hits the spot. Admin is on the CASE...! Also definitely  go andcheck out his interview with K-mag!

Inside Of You by ∆dmin

Next up is a tune from Stikkman called 'Never Going' feat Maz. This nice crisp garage tune is another great find! I love how smooth it is and how it has a subtle hint of house in it! Stikkman is also signed to the label Flaming Idiot, with his tune 'In My Life'!  Check out our previous coverage on Stikkman and Flaming Idiot HERE!

OH...Dont forget the download on this one either!
Never Going Ft. Maz by Stikkman

Last up is banging overseas collaboration between Fredo and Animal Teef! Fredo's Hip - Hop beat making skills I swear grow by the day! This guy has come out of nowhere and is now thumping out tunes every couple of weeks! Animal Teef is spitting some stick vocals...  these guys are definitely two exciting prospects worth keeping an eye and ear on! 

Animal Teef (US) - Chop-Chop (prod. by Fredo(UK)) by Fredo.

NeighbourHood Watch #14

Today i have some great stuff that Boots n' Cats have been keeping tabs on for a while. D-Warrior aka K-ole has offered up an exclusive mix. This shows the diversity of the guy who i have seen play much heavier sets at Crank with chums Admin and Tanka. Download is in the soundcloud link below.

1. Burial - Wounder
2. D-Warrior - Highrise Skyline
3. Kode9 - Magnetic City
4. James Blake - Sparing The Horse
5. Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Cray
6. Hijack - Dolly
7. Horsepower Productions - First of Fury
8. Ikonika - Please
9. Jack Dixon - I Let You
10. James Fox - Put it Back (Ramadanman Remix)
11. Delphic - Doubt (Ramabdanman Remix)
12. Mount Kimbie - 50 Mile View

Boots N' Cats Blog Exclusive Mix #3 by D-Warrior

Mahni is another local who has recently produced a new track for the first time in like 9 months. Maybe he went into hibernation or had a baby i don't know but whatever he was doing I'm sure it helped him fine tune his music making skills because this is tight! Brilliant progression throughout with a climax towards the end using a lovely sample. I am certain that he knows what the sound of 2011 is going to be all about. 

Sing by Mahni

Lastly i just want to give everybody a heads up on something that is going to be posted later on in the week. The blog has a group on soundcloud which we find really useful, helping us discover music which we may otherwise not have noticed. Boots n' Cats will be searching through our favourites in order to make a round up of what we are feeling at the moment. It is not too late to submit your tunes so head on over and maybe you will be featured in the blog!

NeighbourHood Watch #13

First up is something from Tanka. This garage/dubstep track is already grabbing allot of attention. I for one absolutely love it. Cannot big this up enough.

Admins new tune! Real atmospheric on this but still keeps my head bobbing. Vocals are spot on.

NeighbourHood Watch #12
This guy is doing Winchester proud, releasing tune after tune... This minimalistic DnB testifies Tanka's vast capabilities at producing music of multiple genres. This track is especially interesting as its percussions, sounds, vocals and beats are all self made... with a little bit of help from a condenser microphone. Nice stuff...

Sek. by Tanka

This post also includes an Exclusive download. Get it here:
Sek - Tanka

NeighbourHood Watch #11
Here is our exclusive mix from Tanka! It's awesome! Waited a while for this, but worth it in the end! Got some wicked tracks!

RSD - Pretty Bright Lights
Guido - Mad Sax
Phaeleh - Lounge (Geiom Remix)
Tru:Tek - Mystery Machine
Scuba - Speak
DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage Unspecified Remix)
Pinch Ft. Yolanda - Get Up (Jack Sparrow Remix)
Kryptic Minds - Six Degrees
Zero G - Bass Culture
SPL - Union Jack ft.Geno Cochino
Synkro - Fire
Breakage - Justified
DJ Madd - In the Lounge
Tanka & Admin - Bright Eyes
Tru:Tek - Crossrhodes
Tanka - Polymer

NeighbourHood Watch #10

NeighbourHood watch is basically just us keeping an eye on and trying to help local talent.. Whether it be Winchester, Southampton, Hampshire, where Tom is based. Or from London, where Petch is currently living whilst studying! You will definitely want to watch this space, lots of exciting stuff going down!

Noticed this had been uploaded a few days ago by the unknown entity that is Parralax. He told me he is really into his old school hip hop, which you can probably tell from 'Watching', a track which really stands out to me. I don't want to babble on today. Just listen!

NeighbourHood Watch #9
 Yo.. It's been 5 days since I've posted anything... feels like I'm slowing down.. but really I've just been waiting for something good! And something good is what I have! Straight from the neighbourhood!

The first track I have got for you is by Fredo. Fredo produced the tune and then got in contact with Inspecta Morze...a rapper from London, who threw on top some really good Hip Hop vocals.. Fantastic stuff!

Diabolical Country (Produced By Fredo) by Inspecta Morze

Next up is another brand new tune! This time from Admin. He is churning out some great stuff at an incredible rate at the moment! This track is a nice chilled garage tune! I'm liking it alot!

Lick Chops by AdminUK

ALSO if you haven't heard already.. Admin & Tanka had their track Bright Eyes track signed by  the Record Label Flaming Idiot. Who have also signed wicked tracks from other up and coming producers Stikkman and Modepth. Have a look!

And too finish I have another tune for you.. its called 'Judgement Day' from another Winchester Producer. He goes by the name of Deaf Warrior, but he is also know as K:Ole....for his other producing work! This track is a fairly minimal track with glitchy sounds, definitely worth a listen with its nice vibes and interesting beats!
Judgement Day by Deaf Warrior

K:Ole is also part of the up and coming Winchester CRANK night!

NeighbourHood Watch #8

First up in NeighbourHood Watch is a track from Tanka. Its called Polymer..  This track makes me think of some kind of space forest at night... as its so ambient, calm and dreamy with 2step/garagey vibes. Which makes a change to Tanka's usual heavy basslines. What a lush tune!!

Polymer by Tanka

As well as that, we also have to track for you from General Practitioner called 'Points of View'. This young producer from Winchester, usually produces Drum and Bass, but has now done an ambient/atmospheric tune. Keep your eyes and ears on this guy!

Points of view by General Practitioner

NeighbourHood Watch #7

Neighbourhood Watch introduces to you Fredo featuring Small Talk. Currently in Bournemouth the producer and lyricist have given us a hip hop track which really sets the bar for things to come. Considering it's their first fully finished project since i first heard the beginnings of Fredo's venture into producing, the progress these lads are making is phenomenal! 'Le Viuex' is short and most certainly sweet, embodied throughout by subtle vocals and Small Talk's lines. I'm sure they have plenty of other treats in the pipeline. So grab your Download here
Le vieux ft. Small Talk by Fredo.

NeighbourHood Watch #6

 We have an exclusive Neighbourhood Watch mix for you guys tonight. Intraspekt is definatley tearing up the scene right now. Download his mix HERE!
petch x

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do, and where do you do it?

I'm Intraspekt (AKA Spekky) from the South Coast of England. I'm a drum n bass / dubstep producer & DJ. I have been Producing for just under 6 years, and DJing for 5. I've played sets across the whole of UK ranging from Manchester to Plymouth. My first 2 releases were bootleg remixes on a label called Wargames Records under the Alias 'Aspekt' with remixes of Babylon Zoo - Spaceman / The Specials - Ghost Town. Then followed up with a release on Late Licence Records. After this, I had a few tracks signed up to various labels including Fatman D's label 'Biological Beats' Jayline's 'Useless Plastix', DnB Source and a few others. In 2008, Me and Karn Evil started Juggernaut Recordings, and had releases from Basher, Myself & Karn Evil, but then ran into some money issues and the label has been on hold since then. In September 2009, I moved to London to work at Digital Download Store

Do you feel moving from Winch to London has helped you progress as an artist?

Yeah, i would say it has. I've made a few contacts through the job at trackitdown and have met a few people who are helping me out at club nights too.

What are your musical roots and what is doing it for you at the moment?

My musical roots originate from my brother Alf who has won multiple awards in the hard dance scene under the name of Technikal, and is now currently smashing the hardcore scene under the name Technikore, having just been signed to Raverbaby. Funnily enough, he gave me a drum & bass CD even though he wasn't into it... But we've always been quite competitive and i don't think he wanted to have me as competition in the same scene as him! haha. He taught me how to load a sample into a sequencer and then told me i had to learn the rest myself, which I am quite glad about as it gave me my own way of developing my sound. At the moment i'm digging Spor, Rockwell, Wolfgang Gartner... Well hundreds of artists do it for me, there is so much good talent ranging across all genre's of dance music!

Can you tell us a bit about your setup and how you build tracks?

I produce on Logic 9 on my good old trusted iMac. I use a Novation Xiosynth as my only bit of hardware really... And i'm loving CamelPhat and Fabfilter plugins for my VST's for FX. 

So you've just finished the tracks Bowser and Initial Source how did it go?

Yeah, Bowser was only finished with The Raid near the end of November and i'm bringing it out on my new label 'Science & Industry Audio' backed with a track we finished about 6 months ago. Gave it a tighter mixdown before sending off for mastering though. This is out on 27th of December 2010 so keep your eyes peeled for that, Released on iTunes, Trackitdown & All other digital stores!

Are you planning anything in the way of bigger projects?

I'm currently doing some work with my brother on some sort of crossover Drum & Bass / Hardcore Tracks (99% Drum n Bass though haha). We've been in the studio today actually working on something new. Our first track has already had BBC Radio1 support, currently sending out to labels. You can check it out on my soundcloud at - I've also been working on another big secret project ;) but i'm not allowed to say anything yet... But its quite big.

Anything you want to plug before we go?

Well yeah, Just wanna say 002 of Science & Industry is released on the 20th December which is Influence - The Impossible Level / The Promised Land... Then following that on the 27th December is 003 which is Intraspekt & The Raid - Bowser / Initial Source. So keep your eyes peeled for them. I've also provided a free mix to download for you too which features a few dubs of mine, some old classic tracks and some brand new stuff that's come out! 

BBC RADIO1 - Intraspekt & Technikore - Had Enough by Intraspekt

NeighbourHood Watch #5
Sooo.. Last night was at the Railway Inn, Winchester... small croud, BIG TUNES!
Filthy Dukes were the main act.. and in fairness they were ok.. nothing speacial at all really. In fact I was only really there in support of out local boysTANKA and ADMIN!

Talking of Admin here is a nice lil' demo of one of his new tunes!!
 ...sorry I only have it on download.. but definitely worth a listen!
 Another local two piece under the name Remnant Psyche also played last night... dropping some cool Electro House beats.. which made the cosy turnout get there jig ooon!

Here is a song that I liked of theirs...

Hover Swan by Remnant Psyche

NeighbourHood Watch #4
What a great new tracks from TANKA! Dont see him slowing down anytime soon! 


Ghetto by Tanka

This honestly has been the highlight of my day so far!!

ALSO .... Watch this space for my next post... Admin has almost finished a wicked tune! Just heard the demoooo!! 


Bring on Skinnyman @ The Railway Inn TONIGHT!!

NeighbourHood Watch #3

 A mate of mine, Piggy G is playing in High Wycombe if your about to hear all things dubby.

Also a new track from Tanka, he's on form these days. Check out his soundcloud and SHOW HIM SOME LOVE

Takeoff {MXDN} by Tanka

NeighbourHood Watch #2
Right where do I start?! Speed Dater Mom's aka Joss (as i like to call him) has been making all sorts or weird and wonderful music ever since the day a met him! Anything from Funk to FUCK YOU... This talented musician takes influence from all corners of music, whether its the good ol' Red Hot Chili Pepper and John Frusciante, Gorillaz, Kraftwerk or even Bring Me The Horizon!

The song im goin to play of his is testiment to Joss’s wide taste in music, altrough electro, you can still hear the rock (guitar and drum) influence.... see for yourself.. enjoy!
Earthbound by speeddatermoms

Speed Dater Moms  is (are) currently writing, getting new equipment and recording so hopefully it won’t be too long before he is churning out more and more of this intriguing music! 

To follow Joss and his current and future work click HERE

NeighbourHood Watch #1

This is my first post dedicated to winchester locals! Admin and Tanka who together make SUBTLE. they have both been producing and mixing for a while now and now in the last year or so are starting to make a name for themselves in the winchester area. They have played sets at places like The Railway Inn, one winchesters best music venues. In fact on 27th of this month they are warming up there for the Filthy Dukes. They have alsoin recent times, been playing at other venues such as Plain and Fancy!

Tanka and Admin often join forces to make some sweet tunes. SUBTLE. they are known together, have just had their latest track called ‘Bright Eyes’ signed by Flaming Idiot.  Here it is....

Admin & Tanka - Bright Eyes by AdminUK

Keep an eye and ear out for the up and coming CRANK nights! This is a collaboration of Tanka, Admin and K:Ole.

Here are a couple of tasters From TANKA and ADMIN:

I Need You by Tanka

Etiquette by AdminUK
Etiquette was actually recently included in Mad Deccent's SoundCloud Blog roundup for the week! :0

LoveBump by AdminUK
You can check more of there stuff out by clicking:

Sooo..Winch folk, if your not already...keep up with these guys and dont forget to see them at The Railway Inn saturday 27th Nov 2010 .... :D