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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Ever since AlunaGeorge came onto the scene with a tracks like 'Analyser' and 'We Are Chosen', BNC have been eager to tell everyone how good they really are. Now that their new single is fast approaching its release date we felt compelled to get in touch.

We would like to ask about your next release on the 29th, can you tell us a bit about the track and the remixes included?

The single 'You Know You Like It' came about from trying to make a song based around one "beat". Mainly inspired from the way hip hop producers seem to work and manage to produce complete songs that work around a single 8 bar loop. The remixes were sorted out by the guys at super, Raffertie was kind enough to offer to do a remix and it was ace to get the B-15 project one too.

 We would all like to know how you both work as a duo, is it 50/50? Do you both get involved with the vocal and production side of things? 

The writing is a real joint effort. We have our main roles but we're both keen to suggest ideas and pointers to the other. We're lucky to be able to approach the writing from a few different ways which helps us getting out of writing slumps.

Whats to come from you in the future? We would also like to know what your relationship with Super is like and why you chose raffertie to do a remix?

The guys at Super are awesome, real nice guys plus Raffertie is hands down one of the most talented people I've ever met. We're trying to get an album together right now. Also playing a few live shows at the moment, we might be looking to do another release before the end of the year too if all goes to plan.

Alunageorge. x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ben Jamin

   Ben Jamin is a truly artisan hip hop beat inspired producer from Auckland, New Zealand. We flew over to have a quick chat!

In the last couple of years what have you been doing to get you up to this point?

Last few years....dammm haha ive prob made over a thousand beats..most of them throw aways...
This shit takes soo long to progress. I studied audio engineering for 2 years which undoubtably helped me push forward...Even though im using the techniques they showed me in like the opposite form haha.

Care to mention any collaborations which you are fond of. 

Collabs that i love are flyamsam, devonwho x knx, any of the L.A cats i guess. Im opening for samiyam next wednesday which should be doooope!

We think you are the furthest person we have ever done an interview with, whats it like down there?

Bro its alright down here, the women think they are way hotter then they are hahahaha but some cool cats around no doubt. We pushing some quality music out as well so keep your eyes open :D


Monday, 25 July 2011

Last Japan

A release that has been ticking over in my head recently to say the least is Last Japan's Settle Down EP. We got in contact with him to find out a bit more about it.

I guess my first question would be when are these tracks scheduled for release? 

Settle Down EP which will feature Settle Down remixed by Asa, Bondax & Stumbleine, and Girl, hasn't got an exact date yet, but its for sure going to be next month. Starting with 12" vinyl release (which i am stupidly excited about) then a few weeks later the digital release, so all should be out by early September.

Secondly what made you go for Bobbie Gordon's vocals apart from the obvious reasons, yourself and Bondax seem to be on the same wavelength and I don't blame you, her voice works so well with the sound you seem to be going at.

We'll I've known Bobbie for the good part of a year now, through a uni friend and writing partner Luke for my other project NFIFTYFIVE, in which Bobbie has written quite a few tracks with us. So I've heard her vocal skills and quality and she's also doing really big things at the moment, like backing singing for the likes of Adele, Noisettes, and Ce Lo Green, and also her solo stuff. So when i wrote the track late December last year i knew she'd do a great job on it. When i was sent the Bondax track i suggested they use Bobbie for it, and she's done a sick job on their track as well.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

IM001 ∆dmin

Infinite Machine gets into full swing with their first release on 15th of August by our very own Admin, featuring remixes by Mirror State and Neat. The EP includes the two original tracks 'Inside of You' and 'No Reason', alongside two remixes of the title track. There are definitely big things to come from this developing label. The Independent Record Label based in Montreal, Canada says 

"The aim of the label is to release and promote the music and friends we love. More directed to Bass Music,Post-Dubstep,UK Garage between more"

Infinite Machine continues it's good show of form with more releases to come including Bwana (who we featured in our last post) and B flat

IM001 ∆dmin - No Reason EP (Unmastered) by Infinite Machine

IM002 B Flat - Gotcha/Again (Sibian &Faun and Admin Remixes)
IM003 Bwana EP digital (July 31st)
IM005 123Mrk EP 12"

IM006 Bwana EP 12"


Friday, 8 July 2011


We talked to Bwana on his impending move to the UK and we discussed why music from these Isles is just so damn good!

What has made you decide to come live here? I'm very happy to hear you are enjoying our blog, it means much, what do you mostly listen to from the UK?

"I'm moving there for a year(and hopefully I can stay longer) to attend the University of Leeds. Its great because I live on the music that comes from over there(UK) and as well the tunes I've been making have started to gain some attention and I hope that by moving there I can meet some people in the scene, get better at production and as well as just finally be able to hear all my favourite stuff in a live environment.....in Toronto the majority of the bass music nights are just an ode to Skrileex hahahaha and for the last 3 or 4 years, all I've wanted is to go to DMZ."

"As for the music I listen to from the UK...well pretty with the exception of a few producers, pretty much all the music I'm listening to at the moment is from the UK hahah. I'm an avid follower of the Grime scene, and I love this huge UK bass movement that has emerged that seems to be blurring the lines between garage, dubstep and even house...and the best part is that half the tunes are being made by random kids in their rooms! I listen to far too much Garage or Future Garage as they are calling it now and am still awstruck when I hear anything by Coki, Mala or Kryptic Minds...unfortunately though neither of the three have been booked to come to Toronto. I should mention that at the moment my favorite producer is XI, who is actually from my hometown of Toronto. Ironically I first heard him on the Marry Anne Hobbes show as opposed to just seeing him here, but in any case, the tune they showed from his 'ghost' blew my mind and it really inspired me in that he showed with the right sound, a Canadian could have as much of an impact on the scene as anyone from the UK and 'filthy wobbles' wasn't the only route to international recognition."

If I had to pick 3 favourites at the moment:

2. My main man Arae - Get To Know U......keep killin it buddy.
3. The last few releases by L2S have all been amazing, keep it up Whistla!

You Never Stop by Bwana