Monday, 22 August 2011

Ben Jamin

   Ben Jamin is a truly artisan hip hop beat inspired producer from Auckland, New Zealand. We flew over to have a quick chat!

In the last couple of years what have you been doing to get you up to this point?

Last few years....dammm haha ive prob made over a thousand beats..most of them throw aways...
This shit takes soo long to progress. I studied audio engineering for 2 years which undoubtably helped me push forward...Even though im using the techniques they showed me in like the opposite form haha.

Care to mention any collaborations which you are fond of. 

Collabs that i love are flyamsam, devonwho x knx, any of the L.A cats i guess. Im opening for samiyam next wednesday which should be doooope!

We think you are the furthest person we have ever done an interview with, whats it like down there?

Bro its alright down here, the women think they are way hotter then they are hahahaha but some cool cats around no doubt. We pushing some quality music out as well so keep your eyes open :D


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