Friday, 3 December 2010


This is a tribute to the man that goes by the name John Frusciante. Such a versatile musician and a wonderful human being! From his days with the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the large amount of solo albums he has released. I have loved almost every drop of his huge music discography... I  definately thought he was worth a mention... and to be honest it was only a matter of when.. not why not now! 

First song that I am going to play by him is one called 'Murderers' from the album 'To Record Only Water for Ten Days'. It is an 'Electronic' instrumental song, yet has a guitar featuring in it...that sounds just at home! Its a well made song, thats not like something you come across everyday....

10 - John Frusciante - Murderers by Nawer

This next song I'm going to be playing from John is the reverse, its a rocky sounding tune.. but features electronic sounds.. again an interesting one.. It's called 'Song To Sing When Your Lonely' from the album 'Shadows Collide with People'. Brilliant album.. for the record. Check it!!

Last song I'm playing of his is a happy one. It holds a special place in my heart as it was the soundtrack to my first Longboarding video.. this tune always reminds me of good times! It's called 'Second Walk', also from the album 'Shadows Collide with People'. Hope you like...

So that was a very brief insight to the wonders of Mr. Frusciante. Something a tad different from the usual.

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