Thursday, 30 December 2010

Flaming Idiot

Flaming Idiot is a new fledgling record label which is really producing the goods. Based in Manchester, it is a collection of artists in and around the south of England and is headed by label curator  Modepth. I have been told that they are always looking for new and exciting things, so don't hesitate to send  anything over. 

The collection of tracks begins below with What Happened on Sycamore Lane from Gnome Gnome, a tantalizing mix between dark rolling drums and ambient plucking strings. The minimal vibes of this track are a recurring theme throughout Flaming Idiot's forthcoming releases, the essence of the label.

Second up below is a firm favourite of ours here at Boots n' Cats. It is of course Bright Eyes by fellow blogger Admin and Neighbourhood Watch cherished producer and DJ Tanka.   This is a debut collaboration from the Winchester based producers and is due for release early 2011!

Last but by no means least is In My Life from Stikk Man. The captivating vocal and alluring beat really drew me in, so no wonder Admin decided to do a remix!

Latest tracks by Flaming Idiot

Stikkman - In my life (Admin Remix) by ∆dmin

 Extra - As it was Christmas i think Admin had a warm funny feeling inside and chose to give away this gully track. Download is in the soundcloud link!

Impressions { Free Download } by ∆dmin

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