Sunday, 5 December 2010

We Talked

...Here is the second post of the evening! .. So that Gold Panda bloke I posted about the other day.. pretty good isn't he! ..So I got a couple more of his tracks for you! They are called 'Before We Talked' and 'After We Talked' , they are off his fantastic album 'Lucky Shiner' released in Oct 2010...I'd quite happily post all of it!

And Secondly.. a shout out to Admin for going on at me to get the Mount Kimbie 'Crooks and Lovers' album! I finally did... what a masterpiece... again like the Gold Panda album.. I would be happy putting the whole album up! So much so it actually took me the best part of 45 mins to decide which 2 songs from the album I was going to chose to post! But anyway, after much self debate I decided to go with 'Field' and 'Before I move Off'. But if you havent already.. make sure you listen to the whole album!
...can be found on iTunes, Beatport or to listen free on SoundCloud.

Mount Kimbie - Field (from Crooks & Lovers) by Hotflush
Download: Mount Kimbie - Field 

Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off by subraw
Download: Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off

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