Sunday, 27 February 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

Hiphop is probably not one of the most common exports of Andover, but recently I think that may all change. Funky beatsmith Definition is really making some top notch productions recently and his name is definatly one to watch.

I got three of his tunes to show you, two of which are FREE DOWNLOADS! epic.

Reach (Be The Hand) by Definition

Then We Move by Definition

Tell Me (I Need To Know) by Definition

Make sure you check out his soundcloud page and show him some love!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Data Junkie + Duct

Neighbourhood Watch - This track feels like someone is sitting next to you clapping their hands on their cheeks to make that sound with the air in their mouth, whilst simultaneously breaking out with short stabs of bollywood bhangra vocals. This is certainly a highlight of the piece, a very impressive sample. Bass driven with some very nice buildups, expect to see a lot more from Data Junkie as we explore his other projects in future posts.

Gritava by Data Junkie

Secondly i present to you a giveaway from Duct. It begins with a creeping awkward synth, following on to a disjointed but very well thought out rhythm. An extremely relaxed format. 

Carnaby Street by Duct

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Recently, the name Julio Bashmore has been popping up everywhere. With releases for Claude Vonstroke's Dirtybird label under his belt already things can only be looking up for this promising producer. His new track with fellow budding star J.Phlip is featured on the Dirtybird Bass compilation.

It has also been confirmed that Julio Bashmore's next release is going to be on Martyn's 3024 label. Check out my favourite of the forthcoming ep: Grand National. Crazy good.

And as a preview of further things to come from Julio, here is a preview of his remix of ZZT (Zombie Nation & Tiga) - ZZafrika. The ZZafrika remix ep is forthcoming on Turbo Recordings. Beautiful Vibes.

Big Ups.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Nice to see people taking an initiative when they like a tune but cannot play it in their sets. Chris James has given himself this freedom by editing one of my favorite tracks of 2010, Mount Kimbie's 'Carbonated', into a lovely little house number. Beautiful drop on this. This is a sample and finishes too soon! 

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated (Chris James Loose Re-Edit) (Sample) 128kbps by Chris James

 Man Ciara is getting a lot of attention at the moment. She's like that popular girl at school that everyone wanted a bit of. Kovu comes again with something very current. Nice and bouncy, i guarantee you will be moving to this!  

Goodies by Kovu

Photography by Alouette Rosser Hill

Neighbourhood Watch

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

 The boys have done us proud recently and really produced the goods. I first heard 'Wake' by Fredo featuring Small Talk a while back and to see the difference a bit of perseverance makes in getting things just right, is dazzling. Kick back, because this ones sure to relax. Reminiscent of a time when we used to chill with mates. This is up for download.

Wake ft. Small Talk by Fredo.

It's always nice to see two artists you know and love, combine to make something which truly utilizes both of their strengths. Fellow bloggers merge Admin's signature drum work with Tanka's  taste for an atmospheric groove. This one rolls deep!

Admin & Tanka - Andromeda Road by ∆dmin

Capping off with another fresh one from main man Tanka. This takes me away somewhere nice and makes we want to have a nap for a bit, in a good way. It's minimal but still manages to sound playful. Loving the direction he's taking with his sound. 

Perfect View by Tanka

Friday, 4 February 2011


BIG tunes for you today from bassmeister Canblaster. This guy produces pure gold. Heavy bass drums accompanied by precision sample chops. The first tune I got for you is a FREE DOWNLOAD! A club banger called "clockworks". Grab this one HERE.

Also check out this incredible, wonky remix by Teki Latex and Para One. Absolutely insane track...

I end this post on a personal favourite of mine, a massive remix of Lorenzo Vektor. Turn it Up.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Alright. For my first post ive decided to write about none other than the co-creator and CTO of Soundcloud itself, Berlin’s Eric Wahlforss – A.K.A. – FORSS. This guy only has one release to date, 2003’s incredible ‘Soulhack’. Through the use of samples, Forss successfully manages to fuse jazz, soul, funk and hip hop together whilst still maintaining a fresh and electronic sound. The album is a must-have and the title track ‘Soulhack’ is my personal favourite.

Soulhack by Forss o:p>

From Berlin to Paris, next up is Jackson Fourgeaud or JACKSON AND HIS COMPUTER BAND.

Since making his way onto the acid house scene in the late nineties, Jackson has again only released one album, 2005’s ‘Smash’, however he has told fans that a new album will be released in 2011. Like FORSS, Jackson sporadically places his samples and loops, which creates a truly original sound.