Thursday, 3 February 2011


Alright. For my first post ive decided to write about none other than the co-creator and CTO of Soundcloud itself, Berlin’s Eric Wahlforss – A.K.A. – FORSS. This guy only has one release to date, 2003’s incredible ‘Soulhack’. Through the use of samples, Forss successfully manages to fuse jazz, soul, funk and hip hop together whilst still maintaining a fresh and electronic sound. The album is a must-have and the title track ‘Soulhack’ is my personal favourite.

Soulhack by Forss o:p>

From Berlin to Paris, next up is Jackson Fourgeaud or JACKSON AND HIS COMPUTER BAND.

Since making his way onto the acid house scene in the late nineties, Jackson has again only released one album, 2005’s ‘Smash’, however he has told fans that a new album will be released in 2011. Like FORSS, Jackson sporadically places his samples and loops, which creates a truly original sound.

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