Monday, 31 January 2011

I Could Be The Dog To Your Bone, Or Something

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or T.E.E.D, is nothing short of tremendous. In the past year he's had a lot of support from big radio names such as Annie Mac and released 3 EP's. This is Justin Martin's take on the household goods remix which has just been released. There is an instrumental version as well but personally to my own surprise, i think the vocal version below is better. You can buy it at Beatport, and even get the whole lot!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Household Goods (Justin Martin vocal remix) by T-E-E-D

There's been an upsurge of RnB flips these days and I for one am loving it! Kingdom mashes Ciara with Girl Unit, to create something which is on a completely different level to everything else.

Had to get this in on the end... Kastle has already been featured on Boots n' Cats before Here. A soulful remix of Beyonce, one of the most successful female artists on the planet at the moment. This is such a great jazzy version. In my opinion this is much better than the original! Kastle adds class!

Beyonce - Crazy In Love (Kastle Remix) by Kastle

Sunday, 30 January 2011


My last post in England for 4 months! Feels weird... Anyway this one is a good old blast from the past! Everyone must remember playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 in their life!?! Here are some banging tracks I remember rocking out to while pulling out Handplants all those years ago! Just makes me wanna go have a S.K.A.T.E!

The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document '99 (Featuring Mos Def & Skillz) by Brian Gaffey

Dub Pistols - Running in a Cyclone (Official Music Video) by NurseryCryme

Millencolin - No Cigar by roseenright

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Chasing The Dragon

A Psychedelic Rock Mix By Diplo??? No way.....

Yes Way. This Mix is hot, lots and lots and lots of feelgood hippie acid vibes and smooth soul jams. Highlights include foreign cover of The Rolling Stones "Paint It Black" and Jefferson Airplane "Today" (A personal favourite).
The mix is free too. yay.



If you don't know MF DOOM, then get to know. Some straight up, no shit talking hip hop. Some real music to get you through the day. Thought Id just share some of my favourite tracks with you...

If you like what you hear then I strongly recommend you get the Album "Operation Doomsday" its pure genius. I'll leave you with my favourite off the album...

Friday, 28 January 2011


Fresh beats for y'all..............

First up, a beautifully unexpected hip hop beat by the notorious Boogaloo Crew!!! Summer vibes from this one. Real Nice Sample Chops make this stunning. Proper feel good...

For seconds, I give you a freshly made remix by the Welsh Crew C.R.S.T. This is Pure Fiyaahhh!!! Unfunkinbelievable....

And For the Finale, A huge wonky remix by none other than Mr Scruff. Completely throwing me off guard with this splendid track, Scruff has made a fun, bouncy and timeless riddim. Enjoy...

Roots Vibration

WOAAAH! Got some treats in-store for you today! First track up is by Mista Men... with a Funky, Housey Garage tune called 'Need'. The first half make you think ahh nice chilled track.. then pretty much half way through drops in and just makes you boogie along! SICK track!! Mista Men are really making waves in the world of music right now! Check...

Mista Men - Need by Mista Men

Secondly.. Probably my favourite track of the moment! Just love the dubby dub beat and reggae vocals! Big up to Ruckspin and to Jack Sparrow for another banging remix, its getting to the point where you just know his tunes are going to be sick.. before you have even listened! BIG TUNE!

Jack Sparrow + Dom Ruckspin feat Ras Spear -Roots Vibration by J.Sparrow (dubstep)

Lastly its a banger from Flux Pavillion... going back to something that is just a bit more typically Dubstep, instead of  the Garagey stuff that we have been focusing on for a while.. and WHAT a track it is too! 'I Can't Stop' listening!

Flux Pavillion - I Can't Stop by TeeRaze


Ok, so here goes my first post...
Was scanning through Soundcloud, and stumbled upon these two amazing tracks both being released on American based Record label Pushing Red in March 2011.
These two tracks are the 006 release of the label bringing some ridiculously Fresh clean vibes to the Future Garage scene.
The release consists of two tracks... The first, a Sub Destroying, Atmospheric Banger from the man himself...Synkro.

As well as this track having Synkro's trademark Rolling crisp beats, Pounding bassline and Thoroughly relaxing Atmosphere and Pitched vocals, it also has soul and emotive power, creating a remarkably enjoyable track.
Ive got to give a massive big ups to Synkro on this track, it will keep me relaxed for hours!

The Second track Being Released on the 006 of Pushing Red is a Collaboration between Synkro and Milton Keynes based Producer Versa .

This track, whilst having some Breathtaking samples linking each bit of the progressive, hard hitting beat together, are side-chained to perfection, allowing the lowest of all subs to come through creating an extremely well rounded track.
The Cut-up vocals and Side-chained Synths helping emphasize The transition from Kick to snare making this track an ear tingling Masterpiece.
Expect great things from Pushing Red in the future as there previous releases are hitting if not topping the bench mark.
Once again i've got to give a massive big ups to Synkro and Versa for these Two releases!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just Want Your Clothes

 I'll start off with what i think is the best remix of 'As We Enter' that's circulating around at the moment.  Skinnz definatley has a knack for creating a nice refix which would go down in any club. The bristol man knows how its done! I insist that you download this for free!

Nas & Damian Marley - As We Enter (Skinnz RMX) by bassmusic
I have been putting off posting this for a while now and it just cannot go on any longer. You can't cage a beast right? Great sampling of Alicia Keys, and an amusing take on the name. Hackman certainly needs credit where it's due.

Just want your clothes 96kbps by Hackman

This was posted in our group just under a month ago and i don't really know much about them.  Just that they are from France and have one hell of a belter! CDBL who are you?

CDBL - Feel So Good by CDBL

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We Just Used To Like Do Our Own Thing

This ones been around for a while now but i think Matt Fear has put it up for download recently. He is very successful in working the track up to a great thumping beat from something which started out so soft. Fantastic bit of house for you to keep! So go and support the artist if you like it!

Clouds by MattFear

And he's just done a crush house rework on it.

Clouds (Crush House Rework) by MattFear
  The remix of Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' by none other than Jamie XX has been extremely popular, and rightly so. Now its been flipped again by Montreal duo Prince Club. Another house number for you to grab for free! 

Adele “Rolling In The Deep” (Jamie XX Remix) (Prince Club House Edit) by Prince Club

Bigwan from Joy Orbision here. This is a radio rip from Boddika's mix on Benji B's show. He seems to be steering back to more housey vibes. Is this a sign of things to come?

Monday, 24 January 2011

Raise the Dead

Here is a track for you from Kenneth J. Hogan aka Speed Dator Moms. It's dark and eery track called 'Raise the Dead'. This track is again testament to his broad taste in music and styles.. so much so I find it hard to categorize it into a genre.. But then again I think that may well be what he is striving for in his music making! I hope you enjoy, I personally love the climax of the song just before the interlude!

Raise The Dead by speeddatermoms

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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ain't That Peculiar

 So i know this post was meant to be a sound cloud roundup but i couldn't help it, this was just too good to miss. Marvin Gaye pretty much does it for everyone, so like you i was reserved when i pressed the play button. Was i wrong, this is a perfect tribute. The partnership between Marvin's 60's sound and contemporary synth funk works a treat. Big respect to Ambassadeurs for giving it away for free!

Marvin Gaye - Aint That Peculiar (Ambassadeurs Reconstruct) by Ambassadeurs

Jacques Greene's  'The Look' has been remixed by Koreless. This is nice and chilled, keeping minimal, which was all that was needed. Also am i seeing double?!? Another free download!    

Jacques Greene - The Look (Koreless Remix) by Koreless

 Neighbourhood Watch - On the hip hop tip, once again Fredo pulls it out the bag. I'm really interested in what he's pushing at the moment and what i know is to come.

Ghost Feet by Fredo.


Got some tracks from the future punch drunk artist Kahn. This guy is taking names. His forthcoming release "Helter Skelter" with the b-side of "Like We Used To" is nothing short of amazing, the drum work is spot on and the bassline is pure sub (the least we expect from any release on punch drunk). Have a taster of these two tracks...

On the more delicate side of things, Kahn has also done a remix of an artist I have previously posted about, Asa. Vocals chopped from vocalist Cassie and smooth rolling synths make this a lovely tune. Unmissable. The original is brilliant too, so if you like this then dont miss that!

And as if Kahn was trying to prove a point, next up we have two tracks of completey different style but equal brilliance, taking on the harder side of the dancefloor. Untitled (Kahn Remix) is pretty much the hardest grime instrumental that ive heard so far, so bruk wild to this one! And the other track,
"اغان الحب" is a bassline heavy beauty with epic far eastern vocals....Make sure you keep one eye open on this guy as Im sure big things await....

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

All Yours!

Yes thats right!.... Jack Sparrow again! Tunes do not come much more chilled than this, I must have listened to it about 20 times already! It's a remix of Submotion Orchestra's 'All Yours'. Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Unfortunately there is no embed! Ahhh! :( 
But by clicking HERE you can listen!

Bleep Bloop.

First up today is some futuristic hip-hop from up and comer Pixelord. This stuff is sick. Heavy broken beats and digital arpeggios work wonders in this remix of Fancy Mike's - Ramachandran. Boom selectah....

Now here we have a redux from another producer working his way up, Shigeto. This tune has a killer hook and an irresistible crunchy beat. Also make sure you cop it as its up for FREE DOWNLOAD....

Lastly i finish on a epic track by duo Blank and Kytt. Beautifully made track, perfect for chillin'. The track is called 'Thursday and Snow' and its seems like a fitting name to me. Make sure to keep watch for these guys they are top!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Check out this cool website SongFountain, created by Kian. It is a great community for producers and musics lovers! Post up comments, songs, videos...anything! Sign up now and get sharing!

Here is a video to help you get started!

Monday, 17 January 2011

NeighbourHood Watch - Inside of You

First track for you is another kick-ass tune from Admin... You must be quite familiar with him by now! :P This chilled Garage track 'Inside of You' just hits the spot. Admin is on the CASE...! Also definitely  go andcheck out his interview with K-mag!

Inside Of You by ∆dmin

Next up is a tune from Stikkman called 'Never Going' feat Maz. This nice crisp garage tune is another great find! I love how smooth it is and how it has a subtle hint of house in it! Stikkman is also signed to the label Flaming Idiot, with his tune 'In My Life'!  Check out our previous coverage on Stikkman and Flaming Idiot HERE!

OH...Dont forget the download on this one either!
Never Going Ft. Maz by Stikkman

Last up is banging overseas collaboration between Fredo and Animal Teef! Fredo's Hip - Hop beat making skills I swear grow by the day! This guy has come out of nowhere and is now thumping out tunes every couple of weeks! Animal Teef is spitting some stick vocals...  these guys are definitely two exciting prospects worth keeping an eye and ear on! 

This track is called 'Chop Chop'... Enjoy!

Animal Teef (US) - Chop-Chop (prod. by Fredo(UK)) by Fredo.

Neighbourhood Watch

Today i have some great stuff that Boots n' Cats have been keeping tabs on for a while. D-Warrior aka K-ole has offered up an exclusive mix. This shows the diversity of the guy who i have seen play much heavier sets at Crank with chums Admin and Tanka. Download is in the soundcloud link below.

1. Burial - Wounder
2. D-Warrior - Highrise Skyline
3. Kode9 - Magnetic City
4. James Blake - Sparing The Horse
5. Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Cray
6. Hijack - Dolly
7. Horsepower Productions - First of Fury
8. Ikonika - Please
9. Jack Dixon - I Let You
10. James Fox - Put it Back (Ramadanman Remix)
11. Delphic - Doubt (Ramabdanman Remix)
12. Mount Kimbie - 50 Mile View

Mahni is another local who has recently produced a new track for the first time in like 9 months. Maybe he went into hibernation or had a baby i don't know but whatever he was doing I'm sure it helped him fine tune his music making skills because this is tight! Brilliant progression throughout with a climax towards the end using a lovely sample. I am certain that he knows what the sound of 2011 is going to be all about. 

Sing by Mahni

Lastly i just want to give everybody a heads up on something that is going to be posted later on in the week. The blog has a group on soundcloud which we find really useful, helping us discover music which we may otherwise not have noticed. Boots n' Cats will be searching through our favourites in order to make a round up of what we are feeling at the moment. It is not too late to submit your tunes so head on over and maybe you will be featured in the blog!

Friday, 14 January 2011

4 the Love

So .. Here are two tunes that i'm currently listening to! You just can't get tired of listening to these guys! Both currently making waves in the world of music right now!

First one is by Dark Sky, they released this tune on SoundCloud recently, it's a remix of Lorcan Mak track '4 the Love' and... I am LOVING! 

4 The Love - Lorcan Mak (Dark Sky Remix) by Dark Sky

... This guy Breakage is sick! Never stops amazing me! This funky little number is a Foamo remix. Track soon to be released by Digital Soundboy! It's called 'Fighting Fire'..... JUMP UP!

Breakage - Fighting Fire (Foamo remix) by Foamo

This second remix from Breakage is also a beaut! Doesn't get that much better! BIG UP!!

Melanie Fiona 'It Kills Me' (Breakage remix) by DigitalSoundBoy


Top stuff Today.....
New track from Flaming Idiot Don, Modepth. The track is called "Eugenia" and my god it's epic. The infusion of strings, far eastern vocals, crisp beats and volcanic sub bass make this pure fire. Make sure to check this one out, and pass on the respect to mo.....

Next up, is a mesmerising track from a producer named Sinjin Hawke. This one is next level. The intoduction is beautiful in its own right. A clash of awe inspiring synths and pitched vocals provide musical bliss that could go down well on most dancefloors. Dont miss out.

Last but not least is a track from another "Future Garage" producer named Damu. This is his latest and it just blows my mind every time. The synth work is phenomenal and the track just rolls through different stages of dancefloor murder. With the combination of cathcy vocals and bouncey beat, good luck getting this one out of your head...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Big Tune. Its like floating. Makes me think of festivals and I just cant wait.....

The secret edit is just pure jokes. One of those songs you drop at about 3am too prove that people will dance to anything. Too be honest I think it's pure genius....


Heyyooo ... I havent posted in a quite a number of days... so basically this is a bit of a one off! I have 8 tunes for you to check!

First one up is 'Drive It Like You Stole It' by The Glitch Mob! I'm Really liking these guys at the moment and thought this was an interesting tune worth checking out! They have even offered the opertunity to remix this tune, find out more HERE!

Drive It Like You Stole It (Mixtape Version) - Free DL by The Glitch Mob
DOWNLOAD: Drive It Like You Stole It -The Glich Mob

Next is a track by Mista Men! Its only a sample, but pretty hench all the same! Can definitely see myself boogying to this!

Mista Men - Redemption by Mista Men

Next up is a personal favourite of mine at present... the almighty Jack Sparrow! I've Actually got two of his to show you! First one is a remix he has done of Pinch's 'Get Up' feat. Yolanda. I don't think it could have been done better! Hunt it down on Itunes!

Pinch Feat Yolanda 'Get Up' J Sparrow Remix by Your Army

Secondly from Jack Sparrow is a track called 'Copland', its nice and chilled but still got a good kick of bass and a cool beat too it! Check it..

....And here I bring another one too you another from Pinch. It is called 'Angels In the Rain' Ft. Indi Kaur. Another absolute blinder! Chill!!!!

Moving on..These next couple of tracks are by Scuba! These are probably two of my favourite tracks of 2010..just utterly brilliant! Such great sounds and great lyrics! I HIGHLY recommend the Triangulation album... musical genius! Great churn out from Scuba's own Hot Flush Recordings. Which can also be credited for unearthing the likes of Mount Kimbie, Sigha and Joy Obison! First one is called 'Before', second is 'So You Think You're Special'. Such great tunes! Enjoy!

Scuba - Before by trakk

Scuba - So You Think You're Special by A Future Animal

Last up is a track that is something a bit different! It called 'Spun' and it's by Ghetts feat. Wiley and Dott Cotten! Love IT! Play it LOUD!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

First up is something from Tanka. This garage/dubstep track is already grabbing allot of attention. I for one absolutely love it. Cannot big this up enough.

Admins new tune! Real atmospheric on this but still keeps my head bobbing. Vocals are spot on.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Heart Warmer.

Got some real deep, soulful tracks to show you. This stuff is definatly more my style but there is definatly a time and place for it. It rained today so the time feels right. The first track is from newcomer Asa and is real emotional. Amazing tight production, and a free download. Grab it HERE.

Next up is from one of Hotflush Record labels' new releases Sepalcure. Some fresh stuff is coming from this guy with beautiful melodies, make sure you check his new Ep Fleur and here is the title track just to get you enticed.....

And for round 3 I bring you the b-side off the upcoming release from XXXY. This is gonna be a massive release. Perfect vocal chops and deep bass make this an awesome track. Dont miss the a-side "ordinary things" which is also brilliant...