Monday, 17 January 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

Today i have some great stuff that Boots n' Cats have been keeping tabs on for a while. D-Warrior aka K-ole has offered up an exclusive mix. This shows the diversity of the guy who i have seen play much heavier sets at Crank with chums Admin and Tanka. Download is in the soundcloud link below.

1. Burial - Wounder
2. D-Warrior - Highrise Skyline
3. Kode9 - Magnetic City
4. James Blake - Sparing The Horse
5. Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Cray
6. Hijack - Dolly
7. Horsepower Productions - First of Fury
8. Ikonika - Please
9. Jack Dixon - I Let You
10. James Fox - Put it Back (Ramadanman Remix)
11. Delphic - Doubt (Ramabdanman Remix)
12. Mount Kimbie - 50 Mile View

Mahni is another local who has recently produced a new track for the first time in like 9 months. Maybe he went into hibernation or had a baby i don't know but whatever he was doing I'm sure it helped him fine tune his music making skills because this is tight! Brilliant progression throughout with a climax towards the end using a lovely sample. I am certain that he knows what the sound of 2011 is going to be all about. 

Sing by Mahni

Lastly i just want to give everybody a heads up on something that is going to be posted later on in the week. The blog has a group on soundcloud which we find really useful, helping us discover music which we may otherwise not have noticed. Boots n' Cats will be searching through our favourites in order to make a round up of what we are feeling at the moment. It is not too late to submit your tunes so head on over and maybe you will be featured in the blog!

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