Friday, 28 January 2011


Ok, so here goes my first post...
Was scanning through Soundcloud, and stumbled upon these two amazing tracks both being released on American based Record label Pushing Red in March 2011.
These two tracks are the 006 release of the label bringing some ridiculously Fresh clean vibes to the Future Garage scene.
The release consists of two tracks... The first, a Sub Destroying, Atmospheric Banger from the man himself...Synkro.

As well as this track having Synkro's trademark Rolling crisp beats, Pounding bassline and Thoroughly relaxing Atmosphere and Pitched vocals, it also has soul and emotive power, creating a remarkably enjoyable track.
Ive got to give a massive big ups to Synkro on this track, it will keep me relaxed for hours!

The Second track Being Released on the 006 of Pushing Red is a Collaboration between Synkro and Milton Keynes based Producer Versa .

This track, whilst having some Breathtaking samples linking each bit of the progressive, hard hitting beat together, are side-chained to perfection, allowing the lowest of all subs to come through creating an extremely well rounded track.
The Cut-up vocals and Side-chained Synths helping emphasize The transition from Kick to snare making this track an ear tingling Masterpiece.
Expect great things from Pushing Red in the future as there previous releases are hitting if not topping the bench mark.
Once again i've got to give a massive big ups to Synkro and Versa for these Two releases!

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