Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ain't That Peculiar

 So i know this post was meant to be a sound cloud roundup but i couldn't help it, this was just too good to miss. Marvin Gaye pretty much does it for everyone, so like you i was reserved when i pressed the play button. Was i wrong, this is a perfect tribute. The partnership between Marvin's 60's sound and contemporary synth funk works a treat. Big respect to Ambassadeurs for giving it away for free!

Marvin Gaye - Aint That Peculiar (Ambassadeurs Reconstruct) by Ambassadeurs

Jacques Greene's  'The Look' has been remixed by Koreless. This is nice and chilled, keeping minimal, which was all that was needed. Also am i seeing double?!? Another free download!    

Jacques Greene - The Look (Koreless Remix) by Koreless

 Neighbourhood Watch - On the hip hop tip, once again Fredo pulls it out the bag. I'm really interested in what he's pushing at the moment and what i know is to come.

Ghost Feet by Fredo.

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