Thursday, 6 January 2011

Heart Warmer.

Got some real deep, soulful tracks to show you. This stuff is definatly more my style but there is definatly a time and place for it. It rained today so the time feels right. The first track is from newcomer Asa and is real emotional. Amazing tight production, and a free download. Grab it HERE.

Next up is from one of Hotflush Record labels' new releases Sepalcure. Some fresh stuff is coming from this guy with beautiful melodies, make sure you check his new Ep Fleur and here is the title track just to get you enticed.....

And for round 3 I bring you the b-side off the upcoming release from XXXY. This is gonna be a massive release. Perfect vocal chops and deep bass make this an awesome track. Dont miss the a-side "ordinary things" which is also brilliant...

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