Wednesday, 24 November 2010


This post is a weird one really.. As i said before, i like a good bit of female vocals.. whilst at the same time im really digging Reggae or RAGGA sounds at the moment so one name screamed out.. Ms Dynamite.... To me Ms Dynamite is mainly known for 'featuring' on songs... so i got a couple for yoo!

First up is a song of the new Magnetic Man album... although not a fantastically amazing album, this song really stuck out on it for me...

NEXT Up is a CLIP of the sick tune Redlight did featuring Ms. Dynamite... Sorry its only a clip.. Listen to FULL VERSION HERE!!!!

Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite - What You Talkin' About by Ms Dynamite

Now from Dynamite is The Nextmen tune - 'Lions Den'... Inspiration from when I met them in the upstairs lounge in Orange Rooms Southampton and actually requested this!! They said they would but I don't remember if they did?!? Haha!

Quite an interesting video...dont you think?

LAST up is a tune she did with Katy B, Check it, its aite... espicially as its remixed by SKREAM!
Katy B - Lights On (Skream Remix) (Feat. Ms Dynamite) by Loobu


  1. I LOVE Ms. Dynamite...even though i have to disagree she is always Featuring, She's had like 3+ solo albums, so personally i c her as a solo artist....she's sik tho, which is why she's always featuring on track xxxx

  2. Yeh she is sick! Yeah I agree with you, she isnt a featuring artist.. but i meant personally i see her as being good and well known for featuring on quite a few good tracks! Who is this? x


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