Monday, 29 November 2010

Neighbourhood Watch - Intraspekt

 We have an exclusive Neighbourhood Watch mix for you guys tonight. Intraspekt is definatley tearing up the scene right now. Download his mix HERE!
petch x

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do, and where do you do it?

I'm Intraspekt (AKA Spekky) from the South Coast of England. I'm a drum n bass / dubstep producer & DJ. I have been Producing for just under 6 years, and DJing for 5. I've played sets across the whole of UK ranging from Manchester to Plymouth. My first 2 releases were bootleg remixes on a label called Wargames Records under the Alias 'Aspekt' with remixes of Babylon Zoo - Spaceman / The Specials - Ghost Town. Then followed up with a release on Late Licence Records. After this, I had a few tracks signed up to various labels including Fatman D's label 'Biological Beats' Jayline's 'Useless Plastix', DnB Source and a few others. In 2008, Me and Karn Evil started Juggernaut Recordings, and had releases from Basher, Myself & Karn Evil, but then ran into some money issues and the label has been on hold since then. In September 2009, I moved to London to work at Digital Download Store 

Do you feel moving from Winch to London has helped you progress as an artist?

Yeah, i would say it has. I've made a few contacts through the job at trackitdown and have met a few people who are helping me out at club nights too.

What are your musical roots and what is doing it for you at the moment?

My musical roots originate from my brother Alf who has won multiple awards in the hard dance scene under the name of Technikal, and is now currently smashing the hardcore scene under the name Technikore, having just been signed to Raverbaby. Funnily enough, he gave me a drum & bass CD even though he wasn't into it... But we've always been quite competitive and i don't think he wanted to have me as competition in the same scene as him! haha. He taught me how to load a sample into a sequencer and then told me i had to learn the rest myself, which I am quite glad about as it gave me my own way of developing my sound. At the moment i'm digging Spor, Rockwell, Wolfgang Gartner... Well hundreds of artists do it for me, there is so much good talent ranging across all genre's of dance music! 

Can you tell us a bit about your setup and how you build tracks?

I produce on Logic 9 on my good old trusted iMac. I use a Novation Xiosynth as my only bit of hardware really... And i'm loving CamelPhat and Fabfilter plugins for my VST's for FX. 

So you've just finished the tracks Bowser and Initial Source how did it go?

Yeah, Bowser was only finished with The Raid near the end of November and i'm bringing it out on my new label 'Science & Industry Audio' backed with a track we finished about 6 months ago. Gave it a tighter mixdown before sending off for mastering though. This is out on 27th of December 2010 so keep your eyes peeled for that, Released on iTunes, Trackitdown & All other digital stores!
Are you planning anything in the way of bigger projects?

I'm currently doing some work with my brother on some sort of crossover Drum & Bass / Hardcore Tracks (99% Drum n Bass though haha). We've been in the studio today actually working on something new. Our first track has already had BBC Radio1 support, currently sending out to labels. You can check it out on my soundcloud at - I've also been working on another big secret project ;) but i'm not allowed to say anything yet... But its quite big.

Anything you want to plug before we go?

Well yeah, Just wanna say 002 of Science & Industry is released on the 20th December which is Influence - The Impossible Level / The Promised Land... Then following that on the 27th December is 003 which is Intraspekt & The Raid - Bowser / Initial Source. So keep your eyes peeled for them. I've also provided a free mix to download for you too which features a few dubs of mine, some old classic tracks and some brand new stuff that's come out! 

BBC RADIO1 - Intraspekt & Technikore - Had Enough by Intraspekt

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