Monday, 22 November 2010

Admin & Tanka

This is my first post dedicated to winchester locals! Admin and Tanka who together make SUBTLE. they have both been producing and mixing for a while now and now in the last year or so are starting to make a name for themselves in the winchester area. They have played sets at places like The Railway Inn, one winchesters best music venues. In fact on 27th of this month they are warming up there for the Filthy Dukes. They have alsoin recent times, been playing at other venues such as Plain and Fancy!

Tanka and Admin often join forces to make some sweet tunes. SUBTLE. they are known together, have just had their latest track called ‘Bright Eyes’ signed by Flaming Idiot.  Here it is....

Admin & Tanka - Bright Eyes by AdminUK

Keep an eye and ear out for the up and coming CRANK nights! This is a collaboration of Tanka, Admin and K:Ole.

Here are a couple of tasters From TANKA and ADMIN:

I Need You by Tanka

Destination unknown {TANKA HOW ABOUT A SMILE TAKE} by Tanka


Etiquette by AdminUK
Etiquette was actually recently included in Mad Deccent's SoundCloud Blog roundup for the week! :0

LoveBump by AdminUK

You can check more of there stuff out by clicking:

Sooo..Winch folk, if your not already...keep up with these guys and dont forget to see them at The Railway Inn saturday 27th Nov 2010 .... :D

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