Wednesday, 24 November 2010

First Post

HELLO! This is Petch and i'll be bringing you two things in the future... not only will i be posting some of the latest tracks, mixes, and downloads that i am really feeling at the time, but i'll also be starting a whole new mixtape series featuring some of the BOOTS n' CATS homegrown boys. x

Found this gem whilst browsing on the blogoshere. I dont know who JERM2 is, but i like their vibes. Plus the tracklist is superb.

foals - spanish sahara (deadboy rmx)
martyn - broken
fourtet - love cry (joy orbison rmx)
ramadanman - glut
sx - woo riddim (funkyhouse rmx)
bangatang - the happening
groove chronicles - stone cold
black magic (joy orbisons recreation)
seiji - yesman
OH YEAH! (ferris bueller's day off)
dva - ganja
aardvarck - just washed that pig
hyph mngo - (dj dials lil wayne vocal mix)
joy orbison - hyph mngo
tiger lips - stubs
rbx - rhythm & gash
james blake - cmyk
fantastic mr fox - brandy refix
supra 1 - ghoster
dj sega - be
deadboy - way that i luv u


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  1. the mix has reached its download limit. is it hosted anywhere else?


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