Monday, 22 November 2010

Speed Dater Moms

Right where do I start?! Speed Dater Mom's aka Joss (as i like to call him) has been making all sorts or weird and wonderful music ever since the day a met him! Anything from Funk to FUCK YOU... This talented musician takes influence from all corners of music, whether its the good ol' Red Hot Chili Pepper and John Frusciante, Gorillaz, Kraftwerk or even Bring Me The Horizon!

The song im goin to play of his is testiment to Joss’s wide taste in music, altrough electro, you can still hear the rock (guitar and drum) influence.... see for yourself.. enjoy!
Speed Dater Moms  is (are) currently writing, getting new equipment and recording so hopefully it won’t be too long before he is churning out more and more of this intriguing music! 

To follow Joss and his current and future work click HERE

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