Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Im not Done

Hellooo. In this post i'd like to show you two artists that I really like at the moment....

First up is Fever Ray. Fever Ray aka Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson is the vocalist the group know as The Knife who are from Stockholm in Sweden. The first song I'm going to show you is a remix of the song called 'I'm Not Done' from her Debut solo Album 'Fever Ray'.

The Remix is by R/D. I really like electronic music with female vocals, and i hope u like it too....

Download: I'm Not Done R/D Remix - Fever Ray

Another one worth checking out is.... the Dazed Digital mixtape, something a bit unique and different... tad tribal and foreign.... i really like the bit that picks up about 11mins in...

Dazed Digital Mixtape 2010 by Fever Ray

Secondly i want to play you a song by Dark Sky. They are kind of ambient, dubstep and experiental all i one!

They have wicked song called Night Light.. check it!

Download: Night Light - Dark Sky

I would also defiantly recommend having a listen to these 2 also.. :P

High Rise by Dark Sky

Crystalised - The xx (Dark Sky Remix) Out Now! by Dark Sky


  1. Darsky And Boogaloo Crew Are The same peeps. except there is one more in darksky. sage.



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