Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

 The boys have done us proud recently and really produced the goods. I first heard 'Wake' by Fredo featuring Small Talk a while back and to see the difference a bit of perseverance makes in getting things just right, is dazzling. Kick back, because this ones sure to relax. Reminiscent of a time when we used to chill with mates. This is up for download.

Wake ft. Small Talk by Fredo.

It's always nice to see two artists you know and love, combine to make something which truly utilizes both of their strengths. Fellow bloggers merge Admin's signature drum work with Tanka's  taste for an atmospheric groove. This one rolls deep!

Admin & Tanka - Andromeda Road by ∆dmin

Capping off with another fresh one from main man Tanka. This takes me away somewhere nice and makes we want to have a nap for a bit, in a good way. It's minimal but still manages to sound playful. Loving the direction he's taking with his sound. 

Perfect View by Tanka

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