Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Hello, this is the first of two fairly quick posts Im giving you tonight! This one being a bit of a blast into the past!!! .... The next one being something a bit more recent!

This one came too me when I was thinking too myself today... what a shame it was that Mary Anne Hobbs, left her post at the BBC after 14 years.. back in July this year! She was a true Radio 1 hero! Bringing us the best in Dubstep, Grime, Drum n' Bass, Techno and Experimental musics!

Anyway first tune is called Mud V.I.P (feat Sgt. Pokes) - Loefah. It featured on her Warrior Dubz Album! Love it!

And.. Secondly is song Remix by Loefah, by The Bug. I know she would have liked and even played it.... with its dubby darks vibes and ragga grime vocals!

BTW.. Hello December!

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