Monday, 13 December 2010

NeighbourHood Watch- Lick Chops

Yo.. It's been 5 days since I've posted anything... feels like I'm slowing down.. but really I've just been waiting for something good! And something good is what I have! Straight from the neighbourhood!

The first track I have got for you is by Fredo. Fredo produced the tune and then got in contact with Inspecta Morze...a rapper from London, who threw on top some really good Hip Hop vocals.. Fantastic stuff!

Diabolical Country (Produced By Fredo) by Inspecta Morze

Next up is another brand new tune! This time from Admin. He is churning out some great stuff at an incredible rate at the moment! This track is a nice chilled garage tune! I'm liking it alot!

Lick Chops by AdminUK

ALSO if you haven't heard already.. Admin & Tanka had their track Bright Eyes track signed by  the Record Label Flaming Idiot. Who have also signed wicked tracks from other up and coming producers Stikkman and Modepth. Have a look!

And too finish I have another tune for you.. its called 'Judgement Day' from another Winchester Producer. He goes by the name of Deaf Warrior, but he is also know as K:Ole....for his other producing work! This track is a fairly minimal track with glitchy sounds, definitely worth a listen with its nice vibes and interesting beats!

Judgement Day by Deaf Warrior

K:Ole is also part of the up and coming Winchester CRANK night!

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