Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul.

Here is a wicked mix for you all to enjoy! Its the Forward Slash Mixtape by R/D .. Enjoy!....


R/D-Forward Slash Mixtape 2010 by R/D
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A new mix of original songs by R/D - includes the official Glitch Mob 'Starve The Ego' remix, 'Popping Stars Redux' and 2 unreleased songs from his forthcoming album.

Track Listing 
1. Face Of God (Feat. Nadine Risha) 
2. Unreleased One (From upcoming Album) 
3. Epochs & Aeons (Face Of God EP) 
4. Multiple Lives (Face Of God EP) 
5. Popping Stars Redux (From Live Set) 
6. Glitch Mob - Starve The Ego (R/D's Soul Full Remix) 
7. Eastern Sun & Oscure - Third Eye High (R/D Remix) 
8. Unreleased Two (From Upcoming Album) 
9. Fever Ray - I'm Not Done (R/D's Just Beginning Remix)

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