Monday, 25 July 2011

Last Japan

A release that has been ticking over in my head recently to say the least is Last Japan's Settle Down EP. We got in contact with him to find out a bit more about it.

I guess my first question would be when are these tracks scheduled for release? 

Settle Down EP which will feature Settle Down remixed by Asa, Bondax & Stumbleine, and Girl, hasn't got an exact date yet, but its for sure going to be next month. Starting with 12" vinyl release (which i am stupidly excited about) then a few weeks later the digital release, so all should be out by early September.

Secondly what made you go for Bobbie Gordon's vocals apart from the obvious reasons, yourself and Bondax seem to be on the same wavelength and I don't blame you, her voice works so well with the sound you seem to be going at.

We'll I've known Bobbie for the good part of a year now, through a uni friend and writing partner Luke for my other project NFIFTYFIVE, in which Bobbie has written quite a few tracks with us. So I've heard her vocal skills and quality and she's also doing really big things at the moment, like backing singing for the likes of Adele, Noisettes, and Ce Lo Green, and also her solo stuff. So when i wrote the track late December last year i knew she'd do a great job on it. When i was sent the Bondax track i suggested they use Bobbie for it, and she's done a sick job on their track as well.

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