Thursday, 28 April 2011


We talked to Bruises about him narrowly avoiding being beaten up and we showcase his newly finished track 'Oops' which is available for download in the link below.

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do, and where do you do it?
I'm Robinson, 19 years of age and i'm making fresh beats in my bedroom in Coventry, UK

What are your musical roots and what is doing it for you at the moment?
Music has always been the biggest thing in my family. My grandad has taught Music at Leeds Met for around 20 years and my Dad's just gotten his PHD in Composition, my grandad was the first to do so in the UK. I started the same as most people with piano lessons when i was about 8 but it wasn't until i was around 13 and my dad showed me how to insert a new VST layer on Sonar that i first started making proper tracks. In secondary school i used to make grime beats for all the MC's to avoid gettin my head kicked in and thats how i came into the more garage/dub side of things. Right now i'm playing a lot of Flying Lotus, Actress, Two Inch Punch, Emeralds and old school jungle mixtapes i found in my attic.

Can you tell us a bit about your setup and how you build tracks?
All i have now is a laptop running FL Studio 10 with about 1GB of RAM, a Korg padkontrol and a prophet '08, a lot of people shun me for using FL but it's their loss. I usually build tracks by just ripping off other people.

Are you planning anything in the way of bigger projects?
Right now i'm just focusing on my degree, but in between that i'm doing bits and bobs for tv, remixes for friends and alike.

Anything you want to plug before we go?
I wanna plug a few of my music bros
Betamaxx and Echo Shade - two of my bros who are killing it in the uk chillwave scene at the moment
Echo Shade
Palace (SMW, Amba), who's been showing me the ropes since day
and a few of my hometown heros; Young Montana?, Blank & Kytt, Kovu and Le Big Mac
Young Montana?
Le Big Mac
Blank and Kytt

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