Monday, 25 April 2011

Modepth Interview and Minimix

Introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do, and where do you do it?
"My name is Adam Flynn, 23 years old, I'm a producer as well as working a job, currently based in Stockport, a little town neighbouring Manchester"
What are your musical roots and what is doing it for you at the moment?
"I have a lot of roots in experimental music, ambient to be precise, made my first releases in that scene when I was about 17 and I think that's had a big impact on how I'm doing things today. I've been making or trying to make computer-based music since I was 11.
So much music I find inspiring right now, I like my deep stuff but also been listening to a lot of soul records and some arabic stuff for influence, check the artists in the mix too!"
Can you tell us a bit about your setup and how you build tracks?
"Yeah, it's not much. My setup is very austere haha. I'm running Reason and Logic Pro- sometimes I rewire them. I own AU plugins and all that, I love the Zebra, but the box-standard stuff like Malstrom, Sculpture, EXS24, and ES P I'm using heavily for synthesising, Trueverb, Space Designer are my favourite effect plugins at the moment too, always loved my reverbs.
I've had no classical training in music or sound engineering whatsoever when I was school or college and I think I wear that on my sleeve with my production, as a result I don't have an effective work ethic. I just try to make something more enjoyable than what I would have made the day before. When building a tune I often try to write out a nice loop, sometimes beats and bass, but mostly synths and melodies- I've probably made hundreds now. If I can listen to a loop for about 10 or 20 minutes without getting sick of it then I'll usually build on it.
I try to make music that I'd like to listen to; something that I can come back to in a few months or maybe even a few years down the line and still get a little tingle from it, and if anyone else is feeling it then that's a huge, huge bonus."
What's the background of Flaming Idiot?
"I got this little collective going last year, we've just had our first run of digital releases on a tight schedule with a lot of help from Admin and Tanka, been getting some nice feedback on them. Soon getting ready to do some more releasing later in the year from the likes of Mirror State and Kapture, another producer living in my area. It's given me something music-related to do when not producing. For most of the guys this was their debut and I'm proper thrilled to see things starting to take off for all of them now too, although I don't believe them being involved with this label had much to do with it as I knew from the start that all their music was pretty special and bound to get noticed."
Are you planning anything in the way of bigger projects?
"I've got a track coming on Vol. 2 of Ministry of Sound's "Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond" on June 6th, as well as getting some kind of release out there this year. I've started on some ideas for an LP, no idea when that will surface, just when I feel I've done it right, got some more collaborations coming up but I can't reveal who with yet."
Anything you want to plug before we go?
"Yeah, if anyone is looking to grab some of my music any time soon, then look out for "Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond" vol. 2, out June 6th in all good record shops, I'd would also recommend people into their garage/dubstep check out the releases on Flaming Idiot Audio!"


Buck UK - Miserable (FORTHCOMING Car Crash Set)
Kerogen - Hope (Echodub)
Modepth - Fell Over Stars (Mirror State Remix) (FORTHCOMING)
Kontigo - The Final Touch (FORTHCOMING)
Korus - Faded (FORTHCOMING Audio Doughnuts)

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