Tuesday, 14 June 2011


iO, otherwise know as FLN has started a side project which seems to have sprung up from nowhere. Taking on a more garage/bass rhythm, in less than a month, four solid tracks have been broadcast. However I'm confident that these took time, a lot of consideration to make and where probably held closely to the chest! The decisive standout for me would be 'Hospital Walls', with an intro which took me straight away. Trust me, I didn't expect what was to come after the kick, so i won't spoil the surprise. Lets just say it is pretty fucking heavy. Saying that I don't want to take away from the fact that each of the tracks is fantastic in it's own unique way. From 'Patchworks' variety of rolling drum motions teamed with vocals that take on all levels of pitch, to 'Dirty Little Secret', a dirty little 808 roller! Under the alias of FLN, Rob Burn has also produced some sickening jungle so also make sure to take a gander at that too.  

Hospital Walls by iO.

Patchwork by iO.

On the Ride by FLN

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